So your interested in Femdom
but have no idea how to put your dream into motion?

The quest for a fulfilling Femdom relationship is a journey of many stages. At each level, the next steps seem impossible and unattainable.

All you have to do is, with no training or preparation; step into role culture has taught you is wrong. When you do that, you will then have to maintain it.

Our directors understand just how you are feeling, overwhelmed at not knowing where to start out! But you can do it, if you wish to pursue this further, and you can enjoy the process. It is possible to travel together to places of which you may never have dreamed existed when you know the steps. We can help you with the steps in your journey towards a Femdom relationship. Such as getting into your local scene, finding a partner,planning your first scene and much more.

What we have tried to present here in our programs is a combination of the basic psychological aspects and the basic physical skills and knowledge needed for a Femdom love style in a user-friendly format. We hope that if you undertake any of ours programs one of the things you have come away with is a stronger sense of the personal power and eroticism you carry inside of you, That power is just waiting to be tapped into and let out.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Our directors are based in all parts of the world, from all different walks of life, from all culturally diverse communies, yet they share a common bond
A love and passion for the world of domination, devotion, trust, surrender, bitter sweet love & hate, lust, pain and endless desires

RedWench was introduced to the Femdom lifestyle by her submissive Husband of 30+ years. While trying to adapt to this new foreign life RedWench initially struggled, then realized her her views to the wonderful world of Femdom where some what differing to the porno styled leather clad Dominate she had seen. After some adjustment Red now loves her lifestyle choices. RedWench has embraced Femdom giving it her own unique 'suburban Domme' style. RedWench is a valuable long term member of CNC and studyBDSM, her personal realistic; sensible style makes for a very interesting down to earth addition to our team. RedWench once said 'Every wall is a door, if you only understand how to get through or see it.'

MissBonnie owns and is caretaker 12 BDSM sites . She started CollarNcuffs. com in 2006 to help other submissives and dominants deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting out in Femdom. MissBonnie discovered early her passion for Femdom and power exchange. she has always enjoyed her dominant side. She has lived her dominant-sadistic passion many years now and is still curious and happy about exciting encounters. Throughout the years on line she been driven by the need for good home grown "how to" none of this media driven hype for her. Femdom is primarily about passion, so many search the self help books only to end up disillusioned at goals that are not realistic. MissBonnies goal is too make Femdom resources freely accessible for every day people like herself. Her primary goal is to help women make the transition from mom, wife, girlfriend, or business woman to a successful confident Dominant of their dreams..

MissBitch brings forth a very interesting and unique slant to our programs and Directors team . MissBitch is a lifestyle Domme married to her beloved submissive, with whom she raises her young children. MissBitch also owns and operates a small ProDomme stable. She loves to live out her dominant fantasies to the fullest. While initially vanilla, she entered into the Femdom world with little to no understanding of the Femdom lifestyle. In truth it shocked and awed her. She struggled to understand convoluted thinking of what she read on other Femdom Sites. MissBitch was inspired to seek out relevant factual information, yet found only fragments. Since then, she sort out Femdom training and education. Some people go to lifestyle books; others to pornography; MissBitch believes femdom lifestyle friends are your best source.

Olowan is a 'tree-huggin' Pagan who honors both her Celtic and Native roots. She been a Ceremonialist for well over 2 decades and takes these responsibilities very seriously. Olowan is a Mother, Grandmother, Herbalist, Ceremonialist and about a dozen other things. She doesn't wear make-up, is into 'comfort' over fashion, she eschews shaving, wearing her hair long and her tattoos proudly. Olowan is a complex creature with many depths and layers. As she shifts into the next phase of her "Being" as a fellow human walking this Earth, so too is she re-examining who she is as a Domme. She revels in euphoric power that comes from being the one in the Driver's Seat as opposed to simply a fellow passenger. Olowan greatly enjoys looking for "Ordinary" folks with whom she can converse and share ideas whether the topic of the moment is about "kink", relationship, kids, gardening, herbalism or whathaveyou.
The more she explore the new landscape of *Self*, the more she realizes that this life(style) has many of the elements of Sacred Ceremony. To Olowan "It's about moving energy, exchanging power and allowing *What Is* to move through and shift the moment." .

Ms. Abbysynthe has been actively involved in the lifestyle for a great many years. She brings to the programs a no nonsense approach, wealth of knowledge, community respect and experience . Ms. Abbysynthe is Direct and straightforward to the points at hand, while doing so in a caring way. A strict Mistress who can be sadistic, cruel, devious as well as caring and compassionate, whatever takes her mood, or the circumstances dictate. Helping someone to realize long held desires and discover the wonderful world of BDSM is a particular pleasure for her. Ms. Abbysynthe is a firm believer to the mission of CollarNcuffs study BDSM: Education and information are paramount to Femdom success. Ms. Abbysynthe is one of the people who loves the 'why' of things.